Brownsdon Ends VG College Classic Series With Record Run

Participants in the final leg of the College Classic Series on Virgin Gorda

OCTOBER 23--Kathleen Brownsdon brought the curtains down on the Virgin Gorda leg of the 18th Highland Spring College Classic Series on Saturday by improving her own course record esablished on October 6.  

Brownsdon finished in 12 minutes, 21.54 seconds, to lower the 12:50.74 from two weeks ago. 

Counting both consistency and performance it was double overall winners for both the men and women. Maxford Pipe (8th overall) and Reuben Stoby were crowned for the men while Kathleen Brownsdon and our oldest participant Christina Yates were the champions for the women. Kathleen in the process ran almost 30 seconds faster to again break the women’s record she recently set in race #2.

Defending champions Steven’s Stallions and O’Neal house, both of the Bregado Flax Educational Centre became the primary and secondary division champions respectively. The stars of the cross country category were D’Neigh Williams (4th time) and Jadiel Gidson for the primary division and Keanu George for the secondary division.

Race Director Stephanie Russ Penn was joined by Dr. Karl Dawson, HLSCC President and Mrs. Lyrene Bishop of the Virgin Gorda Centre in awarding and congratulating the participants. The College extends it continued gratitude to the Valley Sound Lions for their continued support of the event on Virgin Gorda.

Roads now lead back to Paraquita Bay on Saturday 26th October, for race #3 of the Tortola leg. Persons are encouraged to bring a donation for the BVI Cancer Society on that day and to wear pink in support.

As well as they are reminded to stop by the Tortola Sports Club after the race to support the BVI Olympic Committee's fundraising breakfast and interactive exhibit bringing awareness for The Winter Olympic Games Sochi 2014, The Glasgow 2014 Queen’s Baton Relay, and the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games.

For more information, please contact Ms. Russ Penn, 852-7216. Registration at 6:30 am and Race start at 7:00 a.m.

2013 Series- Overall Awards

(Note: Participants must have competed in at least two competitive races to qualify for awards)

Two-Mile Overall Male Champion: Maxford Pipe (8th overall win) & Reuben Stoby

Two-Mile Overall Female Champion: Kathleen Brownsdon & Christina Yates.

Age 30-39 Males: 1. Maxford Pipe, 2. Jermain Abrams. 40-49 Males: 1. Curwin Andrews. Females: 1. Kathleen Brownsdon, 2. Vivian Toro. 50-59 Males: 1. Emrol Amsterdam. Over 60 Females: 1. Christina Yates

Primary School Division: 1. BFEC Steven’s Stallions, 2. BFEC Levon’s Leopards, 3. BFEC Parker’s Panthers. Secondary School Division: 1. BFEC O’Neal House, 2. BFEC Rhymer House, 3. BFEC Harrigan House . Outstanding Primary School Male: Jadiel Gibson. Female: D’Neigh Williams

Outstanding High School Male: Keanu George

Final Results

Two Mile, Men: 1. Reuben Stoby, eleven minutes 25.38 seconds. 2. Maxford Pipe, 11:40.28. 3. Emrol Amsterdam,11:47.52. 4. Jermain Abrams, 12:28.33. 5. Curwin Andrews, 13:28.75. 6. Bernard Ellis, 19:52.52. 7. Rowan Martin, 23:53.03. 8. Karl Dawson, 25:17.11. Women: 1. Kathleen Brownsdon, 12:21.54. (New course record. Old record 12:50.74, Brownson, Oct. 6. 2013). 2. Vivian Toro, 15:14.56. 3. Christina Yates, 26:09.09.

Cross Country Primary School Teams: Bregado Flax Primary Division Houses: Levons Leopards (L), Parkers Panthers (P), Stevens Stallions (S). 1. Jadiel Gibson (S), 32:28.06.

Scores: 1. Steven’s Stallions, 1 (1 participant).

Secondary School Teams: Bregado Flax Houses (Harrigan (H), O’Neal (O) and Rhymer (R)): 1. Samory Romney (O), 14:09.66. 2. Keanu George (O), 15:03.97. 3. Kasim Clarke (R), 15:13:22. 4. Sephile Arthurton (H), 19:52.94.

Scores: 1. O’Neal, 3 (2 participant). 2. Rhymer, 3 (1 participant). 3. Harrigan House, 4 (1 participant).

Schedule for Remaining Races

26 Oct Tortola

16 Nov. Tortola