Dominicanos Dominate BVI Leg of NACAC/Powerade 10K Race

Participants take off in Saturday's NACAC 10K Race

OCTOBER 6—Dominican Republic nationals Jose Rubiera and Jaisa Sanchez picked up their second NACAC 10K Series victories with blistering times during Saturday’s leg in the British Virgin Islands.

Rubiera led from start to finish for the fastest 10K time ever run in the territory, when he covered the course in 32 minutes 06 seconds. His time eclipsed Trinidad and Tobago’s Matthew Hagley’s 34:21 in wining last year on the same course.

The U.S. Virgin Islands’ Shane DeGannes was second in 39:14. St. Lucia national Steven Asson, followed in 40:45.

Sanchez like Rubiera who earned a trip to Antigua and Barbuda for the series’ third leg on Oct 28, shook off last year’s winner Ruth Ann David from the U.S. Virgin Islands’ at the four kilometer mark, to win in 39:54. David, nursing the flu, could only muster a time of 42:08 after running 40:00 last year.

“The organizational set up was nice and I was happy to be here,” NACAC 10K Series Coordinator Dominique Pompee said. “We are trying to bring quality to every leg and I think the two Dominicans we brought, they will talk about BVI, because it’s a huge time. I’m looking for them to get another good time in Antigua and they seem to be in good shape. Because we are on and everywhere else, they will be talking about the leg here again. I don’t think they are going to beat that time again.”

Rubiera said his goal is to run around 31:20 while Sanchez said she’s looking for a time in the 37.00-38:00 minute range.

Led by Rubiera’s $500 take, the top five in each division collected prize monies offered by NACAC. Shane DeGannes bagged $400, Steven Asson, $325, James Carr, $275 and Ravindra Sukhu, $250.

Jaisa Sanchez claimed the $500 prize among women; Ruth Ann David, $400. Maria Mays earned $325 while Katrina Crumpler and Claire-Louise Whiley, pocketed $275 and $250 each. 

Final Results. Men: 1. Jose Rubiera, Dominican Republic, 32 minutes 06 seconds. 2. Shane DeGannes, U.S. Virgin Islands, 39:14. 3. Steven Asson, St. Lucia, 40:45. 4. James Carr, 41:50. 5. Ravindra Sukhu, 42:06. 6. Zebalon McLean, 44:23. 7. Emrol Amsterdam, 44:24. 8. Angel Agno, 45:35. 9. James Shearman, 46:00. 10. Adrian Dale, 48:26. 11. Daniel Mitchell, 49:22. 12. Stephano Tasking, 54:25. 13. Thomas Parish, 58:26. 14. Jeff George, 1:00.60. 15. Howard Moore, 1:00.21. 16. Marvin Flax, 1:04.15. 17. Stephen Beard, 1:06.19. 18. Gerald Rose, 1:18.42.

Women: 1. Jaisa Sanchez, 39:54. 2. Ruth-Ann David, U. S. Virgin Islands, 42:08. 3. Maria Mays, 43:10. 4. Katrina Crumpler, 46:10. 5. Claire-Louise Whiley, 49:44. 6. Sarah Hayes, 50:49. 7. Nimade Oniasih, 51:27. 8. Philomena Robertson, 53:39. 9. Kay Reddy, 54:36. 10. Joanna Dunne, 56:15. 11. Marlo Macias, 57:58. 12. Samantha Sukhu, 1:00.70. 13. Barbara Rhoden, 1:00.17. 14. Hariet Robinson, 1:05.35. 15. Gillian Howe, 1:07.41. 16. Jenny McLeary, 1:35.19. Linda Li, 1:35.19.