Meet Information

JOHNNY HASSIM RELAYSFEBUARY 25, 2017SCHEDULE OF EVENTS:16:00SHOT PUTOPENM&F16:00HIGH JUMPU.13 TO OPENM&F16:00SPRINT MEDLEY RELAY: 200-200-400-800U.18 TO OPENM&F16:20SPRINT MEDLEY RELAY:50-50-100-200U.9 & U.11M&F16:35SPRINT MEDLEY RELAY-100-100-200-400U.13 & U.15M&F17:00400MU.18 TO OPENM&F17:15400MU.15M&F17:20300MU.13M&F 17:25JAVELINU.18 TO OPENM&F17:25LONG JUMPU.11 TO OPENM&F17:4560MU.9M&F17:5080MU.11M&F18:00100MU.13 TO OPENM&F18:304 X 50M RELAYU.9M&F18:404 X 100MU.11 TO OPENM&F19:00150MU.9 & U.11M&F19:15200MU.13 TO OPENM&F19:304 X 100M RELAYU.9 M&F19:404 X 200 RELAYU. 11 & U.13M&F19:554 X 400 RELAYU.15 TO OPENM&F