Carr, Oniasih Fend Off Challengers For Blenheim Carrot Bay Classic Win

The 'Breakaway six" made their move early. L-R: Steven Asson, James Carr, Emrol Amsterdam, Raheem "Ras" Taylor, Ravi Sukhu and Zebalon McLean

APRIL 16—James Carr and NiMade Oniasih used different strategies of fend off challenges for victories in Saturday’s Carrot Bay Classic, the third stop of the 2013 Blenheim Trust 5K Series Tour of Tortola.

Carr—among the break away six pack from which the top spots would emerge—chased Steven Asson on the last incline on the return to Carrot Bay from the foot of Long Bay Hill, then made a bold downhill sprint past Asson with 650m to go, and held off Asson’s charge to win in 19 minutes and 21 seconds. Asson finished second in 19:27 and Raheem “Ras” Taylor third in 20:07.

“Steve and I broke away from them at the half way point and he was going a little bit faster than me,” noted Carr, who ended Asson’s 2-race winning streak. “I took him on the hill coming down and the last bit I had to go so fast to keep him at bay. But, it was a tough race today actually, I was neck and neck with five people for quite sometime so it’s good that it’s getting competitive and I’d like a lot of people to coming out.”

Asson said he find that he can handle the flat but is weak on the hills. “In my mind when he passed me, I still didn’t think he would finish before me because I know I have 100% experience in long distance running” Asson said. “Anytime you are running with me on the hill and burst it down, you have to be a stronger runner than me to maintain it on the flat, but he ran it hard and I didn’t because I know that I’m not 100% fit. I was taking my time before I pick up but couldn’t close the distance between us.”

Oniaish needed to employ every fast twitch muscle fiber and used every synchronized arm stroke in the last 50m during a gritty finish line sprint to fend off Sarah Hayes to win the women’s segment in 23:07, two seconds ahead of Hayes. Clare-Louise Whiley was third in 23:37.

“I worked really hard for 150m because two of the women were trying to catch me and this was the hardest I’ve ever worked to get to the finish line,” Oniasih explained. “I’m so surprised they we so close so I have to train harder now. I have two wins already and I just need another one for the title.”

The next race in the series will see runners trying to conquer ‘The Beast’ in Paraquita Bay on May 5. The finale is on May 25.

Up next is the second race of the Dive BVI 10K Series on Virgin Gorda, scheduled for April 27.

Final Results: 1. James Carr, 19 minutes and 21 seconds. 2. Steven Asson, 19:28.  3. Raheem Taylor, 20:07.  4. Ravindra Sukhu, 20:25. 5. Zebalon McLean, 20:45.  6. Emrol Amsterdam, 20:51. 7. Adrian Dale, 21:07. 8. Adam Holdt, 21:55.  9. Anthony Thom, 22:59. 10. Patrick Ormond, 23:52. 11. Andrew Willins, 25:03. 12. Chris Ghiorse, 25:04. 13. Joe Standish, 25:22. 14. Luka Chalwell, 26:22.  15. Howard Moore, 26:42.  16. Peter Reichenstein, 27:05. 17. Lindsay Pereira, 27:17. 18. Kai Chalwell, 27:49. 19. Marvin Flax, 28:01. 20. Scott Bryson, 29:16.  21. Stephen Beard, 31:53. 22. Michael Burns, 34:40.

Women: 1. Nimade Oniasih, 23:07. 2. Sarah Hayes, 23:09. 3. Clare-Louise Whiley, 23:37. 4. Kay Reddy, 24:14. 5. Rosmund Johnson, 24:48.  6. Angeligne Laurie, 24:50. 7. Philomena Robertson, 26:17. 8. Zoe Bickerton, 26:42. 9. Samantha Sukhu, 27:12.  10. Debbie Bell, 27:19. 11. Emma Hunt, 28:01. 12. Adenike Sicard, 28:55. 13. Kelly Bos, 29:06. 14. Candy Wilks, 29:13. 15. Malia Bryson, 29:16.  16. Courtney Greene, 29:37. 17. Barbara O'Neal, 30:10. 18. Asphil Robertson, 36:27. 19. Ghislaine Hoogendijk, 36:41. 20. Jessica Burns, 34:40.  21. Shirley Liburd, 35:42

Power Walking, Women: 1=. Jenny McLeary, 40:21. 1=. Linda Li, 40.21.  3=. Toi King, 43:19.  3=. Sheroma Rawlins, 43:19. 5. Anne-Marie Baltimore, 43:30.  6. Denise Cline, 44:02.  7. Faith Dawson, 50:32.