Davies, Mays Tops Field of 55 in FSN Charity 5K Run

Participants in the FSN Charity 5K Run

MAY 6—There were over 30 women and men—who dressed like women for the cause—the FSN Charity 5K Run on Saturday.

Phil Aspinall, replete with black fishnet stocking, apron, black skirt, white top, black and white Robin Hood hat and purple feathered bores and Chris Ghiorse in a red dress that turned burgundy from sweat, colorful beads, a red bag, and purple feathered bores won the top awards for their attire.

The race was fun and for a worthy cause, but also brought out the competitor in some, like James Carr who has been in a serious 5K battle in the Blenheim Trust Series, appearing as a blonde with purple feathered bores. Then there was new comer George Davies.

They raced over the 3.1 mile course with Davies edging Carr by .03 seconds.

Davies won in 24 minutes and 08 seconds. Clifton “Tito” Forbes took the 2-mile segment in 23:24.

“I didn’t know what to expect so I tried to keep up with the front group who were racing and I would be alright in the end,” Davies explained. “The runners with me were good so I wasn’t’ surprised that it was close. I’m just glad to take first place.”

"Who’s this new kid on the block?" Carr asked afterwards.

“He won that race with only one shoe tied and I tried to tell him to tie it up but he wasn’t falling for that,” Carr noted. “He kept the pace then sprinted in the end so he did good. He should come out to the 5Ks, because he’s a good runner.”

Maria Mays the first female finisher who was in the mix with Davies and Carr, said she wasn’t focusing on time. “I didn’t even look at my watch because we were doing it for Family Support Network and not for personal sense for achievement,” she explained. “It was just something to come out for, have fun and raise money.”

Event organizer Adenike Sicard was overwhelmed with the response. “It was very successful and I’m really humbled by the turnout and we’re really grateful to all those who gave up a Saturday morning come out here and showed their support for FSN and the work they’re doing,” Sicard stated.  “This shows the community that we are trying to put a stop to domestic violence and it’s something that should be in the forefront of everyone’s mind. We want to bring awareness to the community and the territory.”

Final Results: 2 Mile Run Walk Males: 1. Clifton “Tito” Forbes, 23 minutes and 24 seconds. 2. Felipe George, 33:29. 3. Dameon Percival, 38:37. 4. Rowan Martin Jr., 41:36. 5. Lavina Liburd, 44:53. 6.  Sophia Skelton, 44:54.

Females: 1. Fayola Creque, 36:09. 2. Corleen Goodman, 37:58. 3. Kimberly Adams-Crabbe, 38:01. 4. Fiona Forbes, 38:10. 5. T. Martin 47:21.

Final Results; 5k Run/Walk. Males: George Davies, 24:08. 2. James Carr, 24:11. 3. Adam Holt, 25:46. 3. Andrew Willins, 28:11. 4. Chris Smith, 28:18. 5. Chris Ghiorse, 28:26. 6. Stefano Tasking, 28:48. 7. Julien Johnson, 28:54. 8. Sjoerd Koster, 31:58. 9. Marvin Flax, 33:31. 10. Johnathan Baptiste, 36:07. 11. Orlanzo Boynes, 36:28. 12. Michael Burns, 42:16. 13. Phil Aspinall, 42:37. 14. Boyd McCleary, 45:32. 15. Leonard Birmingham, 46:29.

Females: 1. Maria Mays, 24:11. 2. Claire McCarthy, 27:03. 3. Clare-Louise Whiley, 27:23, 4. Gilliam Plaxtim, 28:51. 5. Daniels Schumann, 28:53. 6. Reineke Kerkuliet, 31:33. 7. Judy Haycraft, 32:00. 8. Candy Wilks, 32:08. 9. Tamara Cameron, 33:09. 10. Sofia Fay, 35:01. :11. Cheryl John, 36:06. 12. Musonda Poole, 38:28. 13. Ghiolaine Hoogendijk, 40:00. 14. Shirley Liburd, 41:38. 15. Carmen Grant, 42:49. 16. Sarah Hatcher, 43:00. 17. Carol Vallee, 43:32. 18. Rahel Worede, 44:40. 19. Sophia Dabbs, 50:09. 20. Barbara Pinnock-Smith, 52:20. 21. Madison Smith, 52:20. 22. Pippa Dabbs. 52:39. 23. Emily McCleary, 53:10. 24. Sydney Smith, 54:40. 25. Rhonda Glasgow, 55:06. 26. Sylvia Kosher, 55:30. 27. Linda Lee, 56:55. 28. Jenny & Mimi McCleary, 56:55. 29. Lucian Paul, 57:53. 30. Sherma & Alexis Nicholas, 57: 55.