Brownsdon Breaks Virgin Gorda College Classic Series Record

Kathleen Brownsdon runs alone en route to breaking the Virgin Gorda women's College Classic Series Record PHOTO: Todd VanSickle

Marathoner Kathleen Brownsdon ran unchallenged and placed seventh overall to establish a new Women’s record in the Virgin Gorda leg of the Highland Spring College Classic Series, while Ruben Stoby relegated defending champion Maxford Pipe to second place.

Brownsdon had a time of 12 minutes, 50.47 seconds to eclipse Victoria Bezemer’s mark of 13:43.03, established on October 10, 2011.  

Stoby who sailed over from Tortola, turned in a time of 11:28.82 on the inclined course from the HLSCC Center in the Valley out to the Valley Recreation Grounds and return. Pipe finished in 11:59.97 followed by his brother Timon Robinson in 12:12.22.

“The Virgin Gorda race wasn’t too bad. The numbers were lower than I wanted, but I’m hopeful that the last race on October 19 will be a big ending of the Virgin Gorda series,” race director Stephanie Russ Penn said. “All in all, although the numbers were small, it was an excellent race. We had Ruben Stoby coming over from Tortola and really pushing defending champion Maxford Pipe to the end. I was excited about the run in terms of the times but it’s just the numbers I need to work on.”

The second race on Tortola is set for 7 a.m. on Saturday at the College in Pariquita Bay. Registration starts at 6:30 a.m. The series opened on Sept 21 with 250 participants.

“I’m hoping the numbers will remain because that race there was excellent,” the director said. “I’m looking forward to seeing everyone coming out and the rivalries continuing because we have three more races to go.”

Final results; Two Mile, Men: 1. Reuben Stoby, 11 minutes 28.18. 2. Maxford Pipe, 11:59.97.  3. Timon Robinson, 12:12.22. 4. Emrol Amsterdam, 12:26.08.  5. Jermain Abrams, 12:38.57. 6. Curwin Andrews, 12:41.36. 7. Mugabe James, 16:10.92. 8 Patrick Ormand, 33:13.38.

Women: 1. Kathleen Brownsdon, 12:50.47.  2. Vivian Toro, 15:46.72.  3. Christina Yates, 27:08.29.  4. Florence & Mary Ormond, 31:34.12.  6. Elsie Ormond, 33:13.38.
Cross Country: Primary School Teams: Bregado Flax Primary Division Houses: Levons Leopards (L), Parkers Panthers (P), Stevens Stallions 1. D’Neigh Williams (L), 25.22.74. 2. Jadiel Gibson (S), 30.57.04. Scores: 1. Levon’s Leopard, 1 (1 participant), 2. Steven’s Stallions, 2 (1 participant).

Secondary School Teams: Bregado Flax houses (Harrigan (H), O’Neal (O) and Rhymer (R)): 1. Samory Romney (O), 14:02.91.  2. Keanu George (O), 15:18.35.  3. Kasim Clarke (R), 15:33.85. Scores: 1. O’Neal House, 3 (2 participants).  2. Rhymer House, 1 (1 participant).