Sprint Tech Track Club Donates to BVI Cancer Society

BVI Cancer Society Ag. President Gloria Fahie, center, with the Sprint Tech Track Club 

OCTOBER 23—Taking time out from an afternoon of training, members of the Sprint Tech Track Club gathered on Friday and made a $80 donation to Gloria Fahie, acting president of the BVI Cancer Society.

“I think this was an outstanding idea because the kids need to get involved and learn about the possibilities of cancer in their young lives,” Fahie said. “It was so good for me to be able to stand up there and discuss their eating habits and the foods they eat because anything to do with diseases, we have to fight it from the early stages. Parents need to get involved as well. We are at fault most of the time because we are packing the kids lunch boxes with sugary processed foods that are not good. Instead of putting fruits and vegetables, they are putting potato chips, Doritos and all those processed foods.”  

Club administrator Loreen Challenger said they wanted to do something for Cancer awareness and sprinter Karene King mentioned that they did something while at Portland State University for breast cancer.

“I told her we should do something and asked all our members to donate a dollar,” she said. ”When we mentioned it to the children they loved the idea so we decided that everyone should dress in pink for training on Friday. We have a specific color scheme for training each day of the week. Our colors are red, white, and black, so adding pink on that day was easy for us as most of our members are girls. I found some of the boys were ok with it those who were not comfortable choose to wear white and black some wore red as that is the color for Fridays.” 

Fahie said dealing with the young kids was such a pleasure as she shared how things was growing up where she could get corn, potato or another vegetable as she walked out the door. “I think we need to go back to the drawing board, grow local and feed the young people properly,” she stated noting that questions surfaced about eating KFC and Wendys. “We have to educate our young people and this was such a pleasure to do so and I will always find time in my busy schedule to deal with kids.”