Small Field Kicks Off Virgin Gorda College Classic Series Leg

Mariah Christian, center, of Raw Skillz Track Club, had the fastest time by a woman in 14:45 during Saturday's race. PHOTO: Todd van Sickle

A small field kicked off Saturday's leg of the 20th Highland Spring College Classic Series on Virgin Gorda.

"The kickoff was pretty good, the numbers weren't extremely high but definitely up from the first race we had in 2014," race director Stephanie Russ Penn noted. "It was extremely well supported by members of Raw Skillz Track Club as well as members form the BVI Tourist Board which was really exciting collectively, because there was some diversity. "

Reuben Stoby who came over from Tortola, was the winner in 11 minutes and 32 seconds. Russ Penn said Stoby who won last week's opener on Tortola is setting himself u for what can be an interesting and successful series in the weeks to come. "We'll see what really happens," she said. "It was also good to see veterans Curwin Andrews and Emrol Amsterdam pushing and in the field keeping fit. All in All, it was a good race."

This weekend, the series continues at 7 a.m. on Tortola at Stoutt College in Paraquita Bay. Russ Penn said for most of the upcoming races in October, they will be partnering with different organizations. Saturday's race will be run in conjunction with the BVI Cancer Society.

"We will be pinking up Paraquita Bay as we join the BVI Cancer Society in their fight against breast cancer and making people more aware, so we are inviting everyone out and to wear pink," she said. "We are inviting persons to come early because we do want to have a balloon release at 6:55 a.m., prior to the start of the race, in memory of those who lost their lives to breast cancer. We will have our regular race, which will be part of the series and the competition. We are also asking persons to walk with a donation to make to the BVI Cancer Society."

A similar event will be held in Virgin Gorda during the next race on Oct 17. Then on Tortola on Oct 24, they will partner with the Rotary Clubs of the BVI in their effort in the fight against the eradication of Polio.

Final Results; Two Mile, Men: 1. Reuben Stoby, 11:32.16. 2. Curwin Andrews, 12:07.45. 3. Emrol Amsterdam, 12:08.25. 4. Rainford Legair, 13:15.98. 5. Ishwar Persad, 14:25.46. 6. Keanu George, 14:26.78. 7. Travis Walters, 15:17.10. 8. Kasim Clarke, 15:35.73. 9. Sephile Arthurton, 16:09.66. 10. Brendan O'Reilly, 18:06.62. 11. Karl Dawson, 25:00.38. 12. Kyle Harrigan, 27:25.19.

Women: 1. Emily O'Reilly, 17:33.38. 2. Hannah Russ, 18:20.70. 3. Christina Yates, 24:48.17. 4. Sharon Flax-Mars, Esther Fraser & Micah Potter, Atricia Perreira, 34:29.82.

Cross Country: Primary School Teams: Bregado Flax Primary Division Houses: Levons Leopards (L), Parkers Panthers (P), Stevens Stallions (S), Corner Stone Primary (CS), Little Rainbow Primary (R). Robinson O'Neal Memorial (ROMP), Valley Day School (VDS). 1. Sean Samuel (ROMP), 16:58.45. 2. J'barie Drew (S), 22:09.32. 3. Alyssa Butler (S), 22:10.38.
Scores: 1. Steven's Stallions, 5 (2 participant), 2. Robinson O'Neal Memorial 1, (1 participant).
Secondary School Teams: Bregado Flax houses (Harrigan (H), O'Neal (O) and Rhymer (R)): 1. Deron Leslie (O), 12:03.76. 2. Mariah Christain (H), 14:45.39. 3. J'Sally O'Neil, 17:18:91.
Scores: 1. Harrigan, 5 (2 participants). 2. O'Neal House, 1 (1 participant).