Record 27 Nominated For Athletes of The Year Presented By Sol

NACAC President Victor Lopez Photo Credit: Todd VanSickle

Despite uncertainty surrounding the start of the 2015 season because of repair work planned for the Mondo track at the A. O. Shirley Recreation Grounds, BVI track and field athletes turned in stellar performances during the 2015 season.

As BVI athletes put those early season challenges behind, there was an unparalleled run of National Records in the BVI Athletics Association 44-year history, where for 13 consecutive weeks, starting on January 23, 2015, some level of National Youth, Jr. Senior Record was established. 

Against that backdrop, a record 27 athletes are vying for the coveted Athlete of the Year awards presented by Sol in Youth, Junior and Senior divisions. The forthcoming event is scheduled for 7 p.m. on Tuesday, December 29, at the Moorings. Donation is $50 single and $85 per couple.

Sol will also dole out awards to athletes who have established a National Records that stood at season's end. In all, there were 15 National Records established during the season.

During the evening, the Most Outstanding Athletes Awards from U9 through the Open Divisions in track events, field events and combined events will be recognized as well as the Most Improved Athlete, and the Comeback Athlete of the Year.

The Coach of the Year will also be named. Awards for Road Racing will also be presented and three early contributors to the development of the organization will receive the BVIAA's Lifetime Achievement Awards.

Following are the respective nominees in the different divisions.

 2015 Athletes of The Year Nominees presented by Sol

2015 Youth Female Athlete of the Year-Beyonce DeFreitas, A'Keela McMaster Alisha Hayde, Ariyah Smith, Asia McMaster

2015 Youth Male Athlete of the Year-Kori Penn, Sean Samuel, Malakai Smith, T'Koy Stevens, M'Kori Crabbe

 2015 Jr. Male Athlete of the Year -Kryon McMaster, Akeem Bradshaw, K'Cei Moses, D'Jimon Gumbs

2015 Jr. Female Athlete of the Year-Trevia Gumbs, Tynelle Gumbs, Nelda Huggins, Taylor Hill, Deya Erickson, L'T'sha Fahie

2015 Sr. Male Athlete of the Year-Khari Herbert, Eldred Henry, Shaquoy Stephens

2015 Sr. Female Athlete of the Year-Tahesia Harrigan-Scott, Karene King, Ashley Kelly, Chantel Malon

                         2015 Most Outstanding Track & Field Performance Nominees

 2015 Most Outstanding Combined Track Events Male Athlete-Akeem Bradshaw, Kyron McMaster, Khari Herbert

 2015 Most Outstanding Combined Field Events Male Athlete-Akeem Bradshaw, Eldred Henry, Dylan Moses, Kevin Vanterpool

 2015 Most Outstanding Combined Track Events Female Athlete-Ashley Kelly, Karene King, Taylor Hill, Nelda Huggins

 2015 Most Outstanding Combined Field Events Female Athlete-Kala Penn, Tynelle Gumbs, Trevia Gumbs, Arianna Hayde

 2015 Most Outstanding Combined Events Male Athlete-Eldred Henry

 2015 Most Outstanding Men's Open Track Athlete-Shaquoy Stephens, Khari Herbert, Tarique Moses

 2015 Most Outstanding Women's Open Track Athlete-Karene King, Tahesia Harrigan-Scott, Ashley Kelly

 2015 Most Outstanding Men's Open Field Athlete-Keron Stoute, Eldred Henry

 2015 Most Outstanding Women's Open Field Athlete-Chantel Malone

 2015 Most Outstanding Boys Under-20 Track Athlete-Ronique Todman, Kyron McMaster, Akeem Bradshaw

 2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under-20 Track Athlete-Taylor Hill, Nelda Huggins, Lakeisha Warner, Jonel Lacey, Tarika Moses, Deya Erickson

2015 Most Outstanding Boys Under-20 Field Athlete-Dylan Moses, Akeem Bradshaw, Kevin Vanterpool, Tahj Malone

 2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under-20 Field Athlete-Tynelle Gumbs, Trevia Gumbs, Javlyn Frett

 2015 Most Outstanding Boys Under-18 Track Athlete-Johnt'a Charles, K'Cei Moses, Malique Wattley

 2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under-18 Track Athlete-L'Tsha Fahie, Shaniah Caul, Kala Penn

 2015 Most Outstanding Boys Under-18 Field Athlete-Djimon Gumbs, Diamante Gumbs, Tyrique Bradshaw

 2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under-18 Field Athlete-Kala Penn, Arianna Hayde, Akira Phillips

 2015 Most Outstanding Boys Under-15 Track Athlete-Chaz Fahie, Ajaalee Malone, Malakai Romney 

 2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under-15 Track Athlete-Xiomara Malone, Zara Brown, Beyonce DeFreitas, Tashara Edwards

 2015 Most Outstanding Boys Under-15 Field Athlete-J'Quaan Smith, Ajaalee Malone, Kawa Williams

 2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under-15 Field Athlete-Xiomara Malone, Z'Niah Hutchinson, Dominique Moses, Tashara Edwards

 2015 Most Outstanding Boys Under 13 Field Athlete-Malakai Smith, Kybah Dawson, Sha'el Lavacia

 2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under 13 Field Athlete- Aryiah Smith, Alisha Hayde, Chassidy George, Kaelyah Liburd

 2015 Most Outstanding Boys Under-13 Track Athlete- Sh'ael Lavacia, Kybah Dawson, Wanyae Bell, Malakai Smith

 2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under-13 Track Athlete-Alisha Hayde, D'Neigh Williams, Ariyah Smith, Shymmera Forbes  

 2015 Most Outstanding Boys Under-11 Track Athlete-T'Koy Stevens, M'Kori Crabbe, Jahari Lacey, Kaleem Lettsome

 2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under-11 Track Athlete-Jahtivya Williams, Akeela McMaster, A'Deja Hodge, Keanjah Roberts

 2015 Most Outstanding Boys Under 11 Field Athlete-Kaleem Lettsome, T'Khoy Stevens, M'Kori Crabbe

 2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under 11 Field Athlete-A'Keela McMaster, D'Neah Hodge, Adeajah Hodge

 2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under 9 Field Athlete-Asia McMaster, Shannia Johnson, Jada John-Lewis

 2015 Most Outstanding Girls Under 9 Track Athlete-Shannia Johnson, Asia McMaster, Jada John-Lewis, Jah'Kyla Morton

 2015 Most Outstanding Boys Under 9 Field Athlete-Sean Samuel, Latriel Williams, Kori Penn

 2015 Most Outstanding Boys Under 9 Track Athlete-Kori Penn, Sean Samuel, Shamoi Dore

 Premier Dental Collegiate Athlete of the Year Nominees

Khari Herbert, Trevia Gumbs, Eldred Henry, Tynelle Gumbs

 2015 Road Racing Nominees (Unofficial) the 10th BVI Half Marathon will determine the rest of the Nominees

Road Race Series Male Athlete of the Year

 Julius Farley, Reuben Stoby

 Road Race Series Female Athlete of the Year

 Rosmond Johnson