Carr Seizes Blenheim 5K Crown, Women’s Title Up For Grabs

The lead pack heading up to the 2-mile mark during Saturday Blenheim Trust 5K Series race on the Paraquita Bay Beast

MAY 14—It really isn’t over till its over. Midway through Saturday’s Blenheim Trust 5K Series in Paraquita Bay, on the famed course known as “The Beast”—an uphill climb less than 800m to go—series leader James Carr had resigned himself to thinking there’s no way he could win.

Raheem “Ras” Taylor in his course debut, had a sizeable lead on the field. Taylor however, took a wrong turn, started an uphill climb on the area where he should descend only to discover the mistake.

By time he regrouped and put his frustrations behind, his momentum had been cut and his pursuers had passed. He could only settle for fifth place as Carr went on to win in 20 minutes and 58 seconds. Carr was followed by Ravi Sukhu in 21.00, Zebalon McLean, 21:46, early leader Emrol Amsterdam, 21:50 and Taylor, 22:35.

“I was very surprised to win,” Carr admitted. “They were far out in front and Ravi and I were trading places. After the first two miles, they were still way ahead and I was saying there’s no way I’m winning this one. But on the south side of the course, they had directional issues which screwed them over,” Carr added.

Carr said everyone was struggling with the course, including himself, but he was able to nip Ravi by .2 at the line. “It was good because I got the 5K trophy,” he stated. “I’m very please because a win is a win, but, I’m not sure if I deserve to win that one today.” 

With Katrina Crumpler’s win in the women’s division—her 22:40 eclipsing Claire-Louise Whiley’s 23:13 course mark—it sets up a June 1 finale showdown with NiMade Oniasih for the women’s crown. Oniasih was second in 25:01 with Claire McArthy third in 26:20.

Final results. Men: 1. James Carr, 20:58. 2. Ravindra Sukhu, 21:00. 3. Zebalon McLean, 21:46. 4. Emrol Amsterdam, 21;50. 5. Raheem Taylor, 22:35. 6. Adam Holdt, 22:46. 7. Adrian Dale, 23:11. 8. Anthony Thom, 23:23. 9. Russell Crumpler, 24:51. 10. Filip Kreutzer, 25:46. 11. Joe Standish, 25:56. 12. Andrew Willins, 26:08. 13. Chris Ghiorse, 26:50. 14. Howard Moore, 29:16. 15. Stephen Beard, 34:07. 16. Michael Burns, 36:52. 2 Miles: Stefano Tasking.

 Women: 1. Katrina Crumpler, 22:40.  2. Nimade Oniasih, 25:01. 3. Claire McArthy, 26:20.  4. Anna Kinkead, 28:56. 5. Kay Reddy, 29:02.  6. Darwn Peters, 30:37.  7. Adenike Sicard, 30:45. 8. Kelly Bos, 31:48.  9. Ghislaine Hoogendijk, 35:31. 10. Shirley Liburd, 40:00. 11. Elizabeth Buratti-Clifton, 49:11. 11. Julie Reynolds, 49:11.  2 Miles: Barabara Pinnock-Smith. 2. Stephanie Russ-Penn.

Power Walking: Men: 1. Peter Moll, 50:48. Women: 1. Kishma Penn, 44:42. 2. Shana Richards, 45:34. 3. Shawn Smith, 45:35. 4. Toi King, 47:28. 4. Sheroma Rawlins, 47:28. 6. Linda Li, 50.47.