Henry 4th in NACAC U23 Championships Discus Throw

Eldred Henry rotates in the middle of twirling the Discus 52.15m on Friday

KAMLOOPS, B.C. Canada—Eldred Henry closed his inaugural season as a Sr. athlete with a fourth place finish in the NACAC U23 Championships Discus Throw, followed by a fifth place finish in the Shot Put at Hillside Stadium on the Thompson River University campus in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada.

After a mammoth final attempt that he fouled, his opening mark of 52.15m stood up as the fourth best measurement of the Discus Throw competition on Friday.

On Sunday, Henry placed fifth in the Shot Put with a best heave of 16.98m.

“I had a pretty good warm up and every thing, but in the competition first one pretty OK, but on the second one, I hit my foot on the toe board and after that, I couldn’t put all my weight to stop me,” Henry explained of the Shot Put performance. “I had high expectations in the Discus. The last one probably would have put me in second place but I couldn’t keep it in the ring. Now that the season is over, I have to go back to the drawing board, do a lot of dynamic work, drop a couple of pounds and hope I can come back for the next season and open up with a 65m (throw).”

Henry’s Coach Tony Dougherty said he competed but looked a little tired and backed off some of his throws.

“He was more aggressive in the Discus two days ago,” Dougherty noted of his Shot Put effort. “Still right at 17m, so not a bad day.”