McLean Out Sprints Sukhu to Win Blenheim 5K in Carrot Bay


Rosylin Gilbert and Ken Guiste, climb the first incline out of Carrot Bay

APRIL 16—Ravi Sukhu had his first chance to win a road race this season and squandered the perfect opportunity.

After Zebalon McLean—recovering from a bout of illness—led the parade of 36 pairs of feet tapping through the winding roads of the sleepy north west coastal village of Carrot Bay during Saturday’s Blenheim Trust 5K tour of Tortola, he faded with a mile and a quarter to go.

That’s where Sukhu made his move and seized the lead. But, he failed to put McLean away. “After I passed him, I decided to relax and not burn myself out because I thought I had him,” Sukhu said after McLean used his speed and sprinted to victory in the last 60m—the closest finish in a race so far. McLean ran 19 minutes and 58.10 seconds with Sukhu following in 19:58.25.

“I made a mistake by relaxing,” Sukhu admitted. “I shouldn’t have done that and it cost me the race—the same mistake I’ve made before.”

NiMande Onnaish picked up her second victory this season by holding off Claire Louise Whiley to finish the race from Carrot Bay to Apple Bay and return in 22:59 seconds. Whiley followed in 23:24 and Philomena Robertson rounded out the top three in 23:48.

The next Blenheim Trust 5K Series race as it continues its tour of Tortola, is scheduled for May 19 in Paraquita Bay, as runners will tackle ‘The Beast.’

Final results; Men: 1. Zebalon McLean, 19:58. 2. Ravindra Sukhu, 19:58. 3. Jacques Roux, 20:13.  4. Adrian Dale, 20:51.  5. Chris Conway, 22:18  6. Joe Standish, 24:14. 7. Julien Johnson, 24:52.  8. Filip Kreutzer, 24:53. 9. Sam Ouriach, 25:05.  10. Anthony Thom, 26:14.  11. Howard Moore, 26:16.  12. Ross Monro, 26:41. 13. Marvin Flax, 27:32. 14. Sjoerd Kosler, 28:24.  15.Stephen Beard, 31:27.  16. Steve Augustine, 32:53. 17. Ken Guiste, 34:52.28  18. Richard Parchment (late start) 38:40.

Women: 1. Nimade Oniasih, 22:59. 2. Clare-Louise Whiley, 23:24. 3. Philomena Robertson, 23:48.  4. Kay Reddy, 24:20.  5. Anne Monroe, 24:49. 6. Barbara O'Neal, 27:33. 7. Catherine Ouriach, 27:54. 8. Samantha Sukhu, 28:47. 9. Jessica Santos, 29:46.  10. Meghan Cosgrove, 30:48. 11. Roslyn Gilbert, 31:15. 12. Jessica Zurich, 34:47. 13. Caroline Lloyd, 35:10.  14. Kate Jackson, 35:12.  15. Sian Evans, 35:31.  16. Asphil Robertson, 43:22.  Power Walkers:  Jenny McLeary, 40:18.  Linda Li, 40:19.